Last year, 532 marriages, 10 – 15 years old, been registered in eastern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , according to the appointed governor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kurdistan province, last year, 532 marriages were reported under the age of 10 to 15 years old, which is highly debatable and criticized.

According to Harana news agency, Abdulhamid Zahedi, the governor of Kurdistan province in the east Kurdistan, at a meeting scheduled for Wednesday 5 July 2017 , meanwhile warns that these events should be analyzed and investigated.

It should be noted that the program and plan for the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the early marriage of young people is that instead of combating injustice, gender discrimination and the neglect of children’s rights, They have led them to poverty and unemployment to become more caught up in the problems of life, and the purpose of the above mentioned hints, The election campaign last month was a propaganda of smart card issuance, not the risk of under-age marriage and children.

The government of the Islamic Republic, in its programs, instead of examining and paying attention to the aftermath of the marriage of young people, the promise of a loan for marriage, a student and for its employees, the government has donated dozens of loans and privileges, in the current unfavorable situation, the result of these marriages, due to poverty and unemployment It is a breakdown and leads to separation.

Those who have the ability to cope with some of the problems have to go to central cities, either to a carrier or to sell drugs to live in livelihoods, and the number of people who are drugged in Prisons are the ones who have experienced the process of this kind of marriage, and most carrier are married and have children.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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