The possibility of execution 4 Prisoners in Orumieh.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Friday 7 July 2017, four prisoners in the Central Prison of Orumieh who had been sentenced to death for drug trafficking were transferred and they are to be hanged on Saturday morning.

Reports indicate that prison authorities have put families of prisoners at death row on Saturday 8 July 2017. The source announced that they had identified the identity of these four people as “Mir Haj Rashidi, Khalil, Khaireddin and Sufi”.

It is worth noting that the Islamic Republic of Iran, under various pretexts, has issued and enforced death sentences beyond the death penalty in international conventions. This is despite the fact that in the past years, the Republic of this country has been at the forefront of all the governments of the world, and during the protests of the international community and human rights organizations, the Islamic Republic of Iran uses the death penalty as a means of terror among the people.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association