Tehran; Death of a citizen in a police detention center (Shapur)


Wednesday, April 13, 2022 , a citizen of Milad Jafari 25 years old, a from of Kermashan and a resident of Tehran, was arrested by Iranian police in Tehran on April 7 on charges related to “drugs” and was held And died suspiciously in Shapur Security Detention Center.

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Assocition, the citizen’s family attributed the death of their child to torture.

According to an informed source, after the citizen’s family went to Kahrizak forensic medicine, photos of Milad Jafari’s body were shown to his father, and various reasons such as “suicide” and “falling from a height” were announced during the arrest. However, bruises on the body and bleeding on the face were evident in the photos.

The citizen’s family was also told that the body had been transferred to Kahrizak forensic medicine on April 8th.
However, the law enforcement forces have announced the date of death of this citizen as April 11th.

Milad Jafari’s family has refused to deliver the body until the autopsy because the cause of their son’s death is not clear.