The fires in the jungles of eastern Kurdistan have destroyed a lot of gardens and pastures

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, on Tuesday 4 July 2017, forests of the Gagal and Sarvabad villages of Marivan were burned in eastern Kurdistan and near the flour mill in the city, resulting in close to 20 hectares of the forests and pastures of the village ” Gagal “burned in the fire.

According to reports and reports, fire control has been carried out in cooperation with the citizens of the village and the surrounding villages and the Green Community of the Chia Marivan.

On the other hand, on the same day, the forests surrounding the village of “Sare Dareh” were also burned down from the Paveh province in eastern Kurdistan, causing significant damage to the environment and pastures of the area, Citizens’ cooperation and the Zhivar Association of the city of Paveh are controlled by a fire.

According to the report, the forests around the village of “Shamshir ” were also burned by unknown people and caused great damage to the forests of this village.

It should be noted that the citizens of eastern Kurdistan believe that these fires were deliberate and directly committed by members of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and individuals and mercenaries of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which aims to eliminate the environment and the nature of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association