The Turkish government makes wall between the north and east of Kurdistan

In a report to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Turkish government has launched a 3 meters long , 2 meters wide wall at the frontier between the north and east of Kurdistan.

The Governor of Agri visited the site on Wednesday 9 August 2017, along with senior government security officials from Turkey, and officially launched the construction of the wall and announced that the wall will be extended along the border between the east and north of Kurdistan.

Wall-laying between the two countries of Iran and Turkey occurs when European countries and the present-day world set aside their boundaries and  the separation of humans and racism in these countries has been minimized.

Apart from the embarrassment for humanity in the present day, the wall making will affect the nature and creatures of these areas.

It is clear that the construction of a wall between northern and eastern Kurdistan has been made by agreement between the two countries of Iran and Turkey, and the Turkish government has done this for the same reason.

It should be noted that Kurdistan was divided into two parts in 1514, after the defeat of the Safavids by the Osmans in Chalderan, but in the wake of the Safavid and Ottoman wars, which lasted roughly 150 years, it finally came to an agreement in 1639 Which is known as Zahav or Qasr Shirin, was officially it became clear as a distinction between the Osmans and the Safavids, although during the rebellion of Ehsan Nouri Pasha, the Iranian government abandoned the aid of the Turks from some areas such as Qara Su and Little Ararat ignored.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association