Arrested two young from Marivan by Intelligence Protection forces the Revolutionary Guards

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association and quoted the Kurdpa, two young Kurdish names “Amir Arzhangi” child of Mokhtar, “Baset Boshtam” native village “Ney” functions the city of Marivan in this city arrested an unknown location have been transferred.

According to the report, the fate of these two young men after their arrest by intelligence an unknown and their whereabouts is not any information available.

It is worth mentioning, according to the latest statistical report last year, 564 citizens of reasons political, civil, bloggers and environmental arrested were issued for 119 of their prison sentence.

It should be noted that the Iranian government, which cause internal crises and abroad and also due to gross violations of human rights are constantly under pressure and zoom the United Nations, therefore, for curtains cover the crisis began to arrest youth Kurdish with various excuses and trying the youngs Kurdish accused of creating these troubles show each time a new mechanism to spread the chaos addressed the Kurdish nation in the eyes of the nations in Iran and the world as terrorists show, while the source of terrorism in the world.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association