Imprisoning of a 53 years old woman by the Turkish Army

Turkish Army attack to the citizens home “Baf”,town “Hazakh” arrested two people and also  the imprisonment of a 53-year-old woman issued.

According to report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association,Turkish Army attack to citizens home “Baf” , town “Hazakh” functions Sharnakh in north of Kurdistan two people named Dalil Dugan and Soleiman Suna without publishing the reason for the arrest, arrested.

A 53 years old woman named Aisha Herz was arrested a long time ago in the city center and was later released on bail, but today, the judge ordered her to be imprisoned under the pretext of membership and propaganda in the banned organization and sent her to jail.

This is despite the fact that international organizations and the European Union continue to condemn the Turkish government for their actions.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association