Nowsud: Injury of a kolbar due to direct fire from I.R’s border regiment


Saturday, June 11, 2021, “Vali Rostami” a native of “Pesht Kor” village in the Salas-Babajani city, was severely wounded after a direct fire by I.R.Iran’s armed forces with a shotgun weapon in the border area of ​​Nowsud.

According to reports received by the KMMK, he was transferred to a medical center in Paveh for treatment. Killing kolbars is an objective example of the crime against humanity that the Islamic Republic of Iran commits on a daily basis.

Kolbar (Kurdish: کۆڵبەر‎) is a worker who is employed to carry goods on his/her back across the borders. Most Kolbars live in eastern Kurdistan and they come from the poorest regions in the area.

Kolbars are mostly considered illegal and have no insurance, retirement plans and unions.