The social problem of trafficking and women’s trade in Iran

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the UNODC annual report states that sexual exploitation and forced labor are the most common targets for trafficking in human beings, forced them to begging, forced marriage and Prostitution

The United Nations is organizing the trafficking of women, in the transfer of persons secretly across the national borders, and mainly by countries with economic crisis with the ultimate goal of having women and girls the socially and politically exploitative and exploitative situations for the benefit of the( traffickers) examines.

The terrible phenomenon of trafficking in women in Iran, the hidden reality and the dilemma that has not been seriously investigated and documented due to the taboos of gender issues in Iran.

In recent years, unfortunate events have been reported in connection with the trafficking of Iranian girls to the Arabian Gulf and Kurdistan region. In the smuggling of these girls, a large group of smuggling mafia, which originates from the ruling coalition of Iran, sells them after girls are deceived. This phenomenon has seen an ever-increasing wave in Iran, which counts the reasons for such an approach:

1- Problems and economic crisis (poverty and unemployment)

  1. Social issues, in most cases, problems within the family, such as parental addiction, divorce, patriarchal education and culture, and compulsory marriage of young girls (children).

The report further states that in Iran there is no statutory law on the trafficking of women in this regard, and this is due to the lack of codified law due to the lack of codified law.It remaind suspended.

The consequences of trafficking in women have a negative and negative impact on the individual and social level. The distortion of human dignity, the degradation of the status and character of women, the various physical and sexual exploitation, the loss of misery in another, and the vague future Sexually transmitted infections, women who enter into prostitution through smuggling, have a great influence on the transmission of H.I.V (AIDS). The victims of smuggling women are forced to go to work, so their likelihood of becoming infected with AIDS is far more than any other group of society.

Since Iran is one of the poorest countries with a record economic record, it includes various types of social disorder that, given the severity of poverty, women are willing to do anything, even if they are self-selling.

Based on the analysis of the report, the women’s smuggling mafia in Iran, women and girls fleeing from the family, which are usually more vulnerable than the others, which in turn are caused by causes such as the economic poverty of the family, which sometimes come to inundate the father of the family to sell their daughters.

Smugglers take these young women and girls to Arab countries, including Dubai, countries such as Turkey, Armanestan, and Kurdistan region.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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