The pressure of the Turkish government on the Kurds living in Germany

The Turkish government has five lists that include the names of the Names Kurds living in Germany available to the German government put.

Meanwhile, the German government the names of those on the list of the danger of assassination informed according to the report of the Roj News, in 2015, the Turkish spy machine “Mitt” has provided five lists of names of citizens of Kurdistan in Germany available to the German government.

In this connection, the Berlin Security Commission has identified the names of 80 people who are at risk from their death in Turkey.

The Constituency Security Review Committee in Berlin, after a round table discussion, indicates that the Turkish government is trying to monitor the citizens of Kurdish citizens in Germany in 2015 and and in this connection, the list of the names of these individuals has been handed over to the German Government.

The list includes the names of citizen the Turks resident in the Germany.

The report stated Commission mentioned  indicates that the Turkish government spy agency “Mitt” has requested the government to monitor and control these people.

According to the importance of the operation of the Turkish spy mitt, the Security Commission in Berlin has identified the names of 80 people listed in the list as threatening to assassinate Turkey.

It is worth mentioning that in 2016, Jafkin-Kurdistan-Kjk will identify several attempts and plans of the Turkish government that intend to assassinate the political and civil activists of the citizens of Kurd who were settled in Germany.

Kurdistan Human Rights Assocation