Kurdish journalist arrested by Turkish government for publishing Kobani images

According to the report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association, a journalist from the northern part of Kurdistan, Ismail Skin, was sentenced to three years, one month and fifteen days by the Turkish court on charges of distributing the image of Kobani on his Twitter account.

According to a report from the news center (Roj News), the Turkish court in Dilok, North Kurdistan, he has accused the journalist of gossiping for organizing and unlawful gatherings Because on Twitter, he condemned the ban on crossings in the villages “Amed” in northern Kurdistan and violations of human rights by ISIS in Kobani, western Kurdistan, by publishing images.

Ismail Skin was sentenced by the court to five years in prison on charges of rumors of unlawful gatherings, but due to the fact that he had been doing so through social sites, his sentence was reduced to 3 years, one month and fifteen days of imprisonment.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association