Islamic extremist attack on a Kurd young in Denmark

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , in recent days, in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, a young man named Ebrahim Mazlum, known as the (oppressed Kobani) Democratic People’s Party (PYD), is from two extremist Islamic groups from Libyan And Tunisia, are being attacked and wounded.

According to the Ayneh website, the oppressed Kobanian, who is subject to the violence and anger of these two Islamists, states that their method of discussion and dialogue is similar to the ISIS ( Daesh ) procedure that they violated the Kurdish people with their terrorist attack . And they finally attacked me at the end  the debate.

He is transferred to a hospital in Copenhagen and is now in a good health condition.

It is worth noting that after the victory of the Democratic Syrian regime against ISIL, members of this terrorist group in Europe, following their terrorist plans, have been attacked by West Kurdistan who carried out these violent attacks last month. A Kurdish citizen, Abdu, who has a family and three children, is being attacked by Islamic terrorists and, unfortunately, loses his life.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association