The names of 24 of the recent arrests of “Kermanshah” in eastern Kurdistan

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Monday, 26 June 2017, the Islamic Republic of Iran Public Prosecutor in Kermanshah province announced that more than 50 people by the security forces in the province in accordance with Article 287 of the Islamic Penal detained and arrested. Among the detainees of a 15 years old child, there are 22 men and one woman.

The report goes on the names of 9 people were arrested on the Paveh city in East Kurdistan It is as follows :

Qane Khoon Siavashan , Makvan Ahmadi, Yaser Hasanzadeh, Yousef Bahrami, Mehdi Hoshdar, Arman weisi, Heresh Abasi, Ostad Kamran Motorsaz, Shaho Rahimi.

The identity of 5 citizens of Rawansar are: Farman Mozafari, Farooq Mozafari, Bahman Gholami, Yaser Valadabigi , Fariba Bahrami

The identity of 4 citizens of Paveh (Salas Babajani): Sardar Amini, Ghadir Amini, Salar Noroozi, Mullah Mahmoud Ahmadi and the identity of 4 citizens of Sarpul Zahab are Rahman Behrouzi, Bilal Behroozi, son of Rahman (15), Mullah Jabbar Palani, Mullah Mohammad Rebak

It should be noted that article 287 of the Islamic Penal Code to those who have armed uprising and the current sentence in such cases execution,cut off the right hand and then the left foot, deporation (exile).

Kurdistan Human Rights Association