Turkey committed genocide

The latest happening in southeastern Turkey is a new genocide that Turkey commits.

after the Ottoman Empire cases that led to found the Turkish state, would allow the Kurds also get

the right to form their own country, but the new Turkey and super nations -in an agreement- decided

that the Kurds’ right to form a land swept away and gave Turkey the right to practice daily

oppression, violence and injustice against Kurds and it has plunged to now, while the Kurds have

variously protested and rebelled. But every time with the help of the military, it has become

speechless. The Kurds in Turkey, including political parties and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party

in Turkey and the Turks and other nations are also politicians and people in the last act to end this

injustice and oppression strategy was proposed as a way of reconciliation of injustice and oppression

hopefully the Turkish Government would take an effective measures to carry out the

democratization of Turkey.

But the Turkish government not only moved in this direction to scaffolding but with tanks and

artillery, attacked the Kurdish population growth and showed that the Turkish government does not

respect human rights.

While the Turkish government builds military bases in Kurdistan, arresting politicians, civil activists

and journalists, and they would be arrested for not guarding of journalists to oppress Kurds in


As Kurds victory against IS in Syria and the creation of autonomous regions in which Kurds, Arabs,

Turkomans live side by side.

Turkey attacking with military force against the Kurds has become more and thus became a

contribution to the IS and the terrorists in Syria. At the same time, we know that the Turkish

Government by sending military equipment to IS, Turkey has reinforced IS and Al-Nasre Front in


Simultaneously with the parliamentary elections in Turkey, attacked the Turkish government of the

Kurdistan region and arrested the representatives of the Democratic Party (HDP), arrests of

journalists, closure of newspapers, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and bombings in buildings and

church sites led to the killing of many members and supporters of the party. This proves that the

Turkish government’s actions are in violation of human rights.

After the Democratic Party (HDP) got the majority votes in Kurdistan, the Turkish government has

said they do not believe in the reconciliation process and Turkey is a nation with a language and an

ethnic group.

Right now, the killings and repression in the Kurdish areas have become more and more and the

Turkish state has issued a curfew. The Turkish military kills children and young people every day


ordinary people and call it a war against terrorists, examples include Tahir Ilchi and a lot of other

politicians and activists.

Every day people get arrested and oppressed regardless of whether they belong to any organization

or not, water, electricity is turned off and food is in short supply, which can be a horrible disaster at

any time in the area.

Soldiers with mortars and bombs attacks school, hospital, library buildings, the war in the Kurdish

areas in Turkey resembles the Syrian war, people have become homeless and on the run.

Some days ago announced the Turkish state that will send more than ten thousand soldiers to


In recent days have killed more than 50 people of the common people and it is mostly children who

have been killed.

Members of the UN and the EU know about all injustice but they have not ruled on it.

UN and the EU have been formed to monitor the freedom and peace building and solidarity and to

safeguard human rights.

The Turkish government wants to join the EU and is negotiating Turkey’s membership of the EU is

discussed at high level. Our question is how can the EU to monitor the freedom and peace building

and solidarity, and to monitor human rights, do not they broke the Turkish state committed against

humanity and sometimes be a helpful hand for Turkey to commit the break are against the Kurdish


Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) condemns the Turkish government’s violence in the

Kurdish regions and is critical of the UN and the EU has not acted powerful against the Turkish


KMMK want the UN and the EU obliges Turkey to stop their military action in Kurdistan and we know

that you can stop the killing and injustice in the Kurdish regions of Turkey and you can force Turkey

to respect human rights in accordance to UN Universal Declaration of Human rights.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association