The Islamic Republic of Iran uses the source of Kurdistan waters as an excuse against the Kurdish nation.

According to the reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Thursday 22 June 2017, Islamic Republic of Iran following his anti environmental policies, took the water of the Zi Bechuk River on the dam of Koleh Sa Sardasht.

The river Zi Bechuk originated from the mountains in the east of Kurdistan, and the Pashdareh area has rolled south of Kurdistan and joined the Doukan Dam in its current direction, and eventually after over 420 Kilometers of the waterway leads to the Dejleh River.

The dam “Koleh Sa” is located near a village of the same name in the 9 km west of Sardasht city And on the “Ka Lu” river, also known as Zi Bechuk , It has been constructed since 2006 and earlier this year,ready to exploitation .

Taking the dam water the area and environment of the Pash Dar region will be affected by the crisis and environmental and ecosystem problems and will endanger the lives of the inhabitants of the region.

It is worth mentioning that none of the dams constructed in Kurdistan has any benefit to the people. In Kurdistan East, there are several dams, but Kurdish people in most of the villages and cities of Kurdistan face a water severe crisis.

In addition to political pressure, it has been created in all parts of Kurdistan for this through this way, they will drown and destroy the ancient works of Kurdistan and civilization of which, one can refer to “Kani Bell” on the river Sirwan.

In line with this policy, the Turkish occupation government also the “Gap”project and built the dam construction on the Forat River in the north of Kurdistan therefore, the city of Hasekif, one of the oldest historical works of the world, will be destroyed.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association