Summon a teacher union activist to the intelligence office


On Wednesday, April 27, 2022, a retired teacher and cultural activist from Sanandaj (Sna) identified as “Gholamreza Sharifah” was summoned to the press office of the Iranian Intelligence Service in Sanandaj (Sna) and interrogated.

According to the report, this retired teacher was summoned to the Iranian Intelligence Office in Sanandaj (Sna) for participating in cultural protests.

It is worth mentioning that for a long time, school teachers in Iran, and especially in Kurdistan, have been protesting against injustice, neglecting salaries and issues such as the most basic salaries of teachers, as well as building non-profit schools that benefit some government officials. It takes schools that cover most of the community, goes on strike and campaigns.

In this way, they try to make their voices heard by the people and the authorities, but the government oppresses, imprisons and tortures them.