The bullets and  mines left by the Iran Iraq War sacrifice Kurdish citizens.

According to a source from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , on Thursday evening, 22/6/2017, at the foot of Mount Kudu in the region (Haji Omran) in the south of Kurdistan, 3 Kurdish children from the village of Fah Rah Shan,because of mortar and material explosions explosives from the Iran Iraq War were sacrificed.

Two of them were killed in the tail and another was seriously injured, the report said.

It should be noted that mines planted during the war sacrifice Kurdish citizens in different parts of Kurdistan every day and meanwhile, at the beginning of 2017, by late May 2017, due to the mine explosion,shell and other explosives,five Kurdish citizens were killed and 21 others wounded according to the current statistics, about 706,250 hectares of land in eastern Kurdistan is infested with mines.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association