Preservation of mother tongue is an undeniable right


Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V. believes that promoting the mother tongue is the fundamental and legitimate right for nations under the Iranian totalitarian regime.

The mother tongue’s day on the 21st of Feb, declared by the United Nations and approved by its members, currently has been indicated that this human and legitimate rights assaulted by states like Iran’s totalitarian regimes.

Article three of the International Human Rights declaration acknowledged all languages are equal and at the same article calls for all countries to provide equal opportunity for the country’s local and national languages.

Past hundred years, in both Pahlavi and IRG regimes, the Non-Persian languages include Kurdish, Azeri, Arabic, Baluchi and …etic, have been denied and under severe pressures.

According to article fifteen of the Iranian constitution, having one language other than Persian as a course in the education curriculum is a right. In contrast, in the time of constitution preparation, no one of Non- Persian politics presented this right been denied and even the mentioned article never been executed.

Every year, several cultural and language activists are being arrested because of defending the Non-Persian languages in Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V. calls for all people in Kurdistan, political parties and civic organizations to demand these rights as essential rights for Kurdish people in Iran.
Kurdistan human rights Association (KMMK) e.V.