The massacre of Shingal ( Sinjar ) was a massacre of the identity and existence of the Kurdish people

The Kurdistan Human Rights Society, while respecting the victims and victims of the massacre, urged everyone to consider the scale of this terrible incident and try to restoration the wounds of the survivors.

Referring to history, the logic of Shingal in Kurdistan has been attacked and its people have been massacred. In 1516, it was conquered by the Ottomans, attacks on this logic continued until 2014, when the city and citizens were targeted by the ISIL forces, the target of which was the total genocide of the inhabitants Shingal was.

After the ISIL invasion, thousands of residents were forced to leave their home and land and were displaced.

ISIL’s terrorist force has exploited the tense situation of logic and the lack of readiness of the forces in its logic and conquered many of the villages in Shingal and murdered the people there. Kidnapped thousands of idolatrous women and raped and violence a number of more than 5,000 sexually exploited women and girls were sold to the wealthy neighboring Arab countries.

Although the forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, Shingal and Izadi were placed on the agenda of the Genocide, they intended to isolate this logic from the Kurdistan through the genocide process, but the residents of Shingal, with solidarity and popular unity, defended their identity and religion. Under no circumstances did they not only retreat from their goal but defended their forces and organization of their ancient history and territory.

The genocidal massacre is more indicative of the cruelty and violence that has been imposed on the region and the Kurdistan.The badge in the anti-human and inhumanity of the groups is based on the analysis of societies based on fascist thoughts, and for the purpose of the expansion of the oligarchy they are ready to massacre the people.

Kurdistan Human Rights, while praising the resistance of Kobani and paying homage to the deceased, has praised the resistance of the defending forces of this part of Kurdistan, and demands that the entire Kurdistan community try to endure the suffering of the and Ezidi Kurdish.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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