Preventing medical treatment, the cause of death of two prisoners


According to reports received to the KMMK e. V. “Babak Sufi” died in Iran Prison in Urmia, despite his deteriorating condition and intestinal infection due to a delay in being sent to the hospital.

It is noteworthy that after hours of protests by Babak Sufi’s roommate, prison officials decided to send him to the hospital, but he died before reaching the hospital.

In another report, another prisoner who was recently transferred from quarantine to the general ward of Iran Prison in Urmia died 4 days later on March 28, but his identity has not yet been established.

According to reports received on March 29, the prison health service had an unprecedented crowd of patients who were facing the problem of lack of empty beds to receive patients.

Doctors determined the cause of death of these two prisoner was the coronavirus of the English mutant type.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association