sentence of 36 years in prison for children Soor in  Amed city to court in Turkey

According to reports, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , one of the Turkish state courts, 11 children  Soor Amed city in northern Kurdistan to 36 years in prison and detention children during the raid and siege of the city Svvr on 26 November 2015 until 1 March 2016 ,by the Turkish military had taken place.

Meanwhile judge order their release was Turkey’s first meeting, but later the Supreme Court called for a retrial of the children were again faced trial.

According to lawyers for the children, with pressure and torture children forced to confess to accusations that they have not done.

It should be noted that Turkish court shot inside the body, these children who were wounded by troops Turkish military is viewed as evidence.

Finally, this eleven children Turkish court on charges of membership of a banned political parties to 36 years and eight months and twenty days in prison.

This provision and performance while security forces and the Turkish army had been due to assault and wounding so many children has been found guilty and punished

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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