Harassing child “3 months” from Kermanshah in East Kurdistan

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and quoted by Agence Hrana, the dated 15 June 2017, file child of three months at the hands of parents addicted persecuted and burned with cigarettes and hot water was due to lack of authority of parents to well-being and the lawsuit was for The child’s parents.

According to the documents and photographs of the burns and the possibility of claims of the plaintiff’s case (grandmother’s) on the same date, the father summoned to court and with regard to verification than the aforesaid examination of the child’s body and see burns in ear , arms, chest and legs by smoking machines using drugs, accused the court in the provincial capital Kermanshah transferred according to the confession of the accused’s extreme addiction and his wife to drugs  “shisha ” issued by suppliers criminal to prison was introduced the children’s mother has also issued an arrest warrant.

Needless to say that this problem in the republics of Iran daily breakdown of families, orphaned children and irreparable damage in the society and the Iranian government rather than remedy and the right solution to solve this problem, trying to prison crime drugs, to cover up their failure in this regard.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association