2 people execution in Kermanshah Prison in East Kurdistan

According to the report on the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Thursday 25 May 2017, coinciding with execution athlete prominent Kurdish from Kermanshah called “Hojat Tedro “, two other prisoners, namely family, “Khosravi” and “Teimuri” on charges of murder and armed robbery were executed.

An informed source said that due to the arrival of month of Ramadan, the number of prisoners have been executed on mass, but so far only confirmed the identities of two detainees have been mentioned.

It should be noted that these two men, from villages subsidiary “Islamabad Gharb” in the province of Kermanshah and reportedly one of the prisoners with the last name “Khosravi” on charges of murder and “Teimuri” native village “Chiakaboud” is charged with armed robbery were arrested and eventually death sentences have been carried out.

Islamic Republic of Iran, regardless of statements by human rights organizations internationally to halt the execution and adhere to the protocol and agreements on human rights signed by the government every day on various pretexts and baseless accusations citizens East Kurdistan arrested, tortured and executed.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association