Close the river Forat by the Turkish government

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , and based on the report of the Ronahi TV Channel on 30 June 2017, the Turkish government has strayed and overturned the Forat River from its main road.

According to the report, the Forat River originates from the mountains north of Kurdistan. Different governments of Turkey in various times in order to exert pressure on the neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq to take advantage of the Forat River have always taken measures.

At the same time, the governments of Syria and Iraq have attempted to demolish the plans to collect and retain water from the Forat River to implement agricultural and industrial programs and electricity generation.

On the other hand, the Turkish government has always strived to change its interest in the geographic areas of the region in the north of Kurdistan in order to bring its citizens from the territories of northern Kurdistan to the north of Kurdistan and to settle them in the Turkestan cities, as well as to destroy the historical works and The culture of the nation has been Kurd.

Particularly recently, the Turkish government, formed in the West of Kurdistan (north of Syria) in the region of its own self-governing geographically and politically, has attempted to abuse the corridors of the region from the Forat Route for political purposes, through the closure of water This large-scale agricultural land in the Kobani and Manij areas in general, as well as in relation to power generation, has been plagued with great harm.

It is worth mentioning that eastern and northern Kurdistan is the source of the sweet and drinking water of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

The report further states that in this connection, Iran has also closed down the Alvand, Sirvan and Zi kochak. In this regard, southern Kurdistan faces numerous problems, such as lack of water supply and electricity generation.

It is a lot of reflection, the Kurdish Interventions in the south and west of Kurdistan, as well as the United Nations, have taken a very disturbing silence in this regard.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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