Iran election is finished But innocent civilians continued to attack and other innocent civilian was killed.

In the wake of reports of  Kurdistan Human Rights Association , as well as relying on the Forat News Agency, 26 May 2017, in the region Oraman in East Kurdistan on the direct shot of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran to innocent civilians  nearby villages, “Kimneh and Birvaz” Several innocent civilian were wounded, one of them due to injuries on way to hospital Marivan his life lost and several innocent civilian other regional Bendol Saral villages who were in the hospital because of the injuries were admitted Marivan.

Name a few of the wounded quoted news sources as follows:

1- Tofiq Mostafaei (45 years old and from the village of Marivan Pileh ).

2- Houshyar Sahraei  (30 years old from Valineh the village of Marivan).

3-Adnan Shahidi (from Bendol Marivan).

As well as reports of deaths of dozens of horses are businessmen.

It should be noted that during the presidential election in Iran and city and village council, rumors a few appeared as if innocent civilians insurance will become also discuss the economic boom was fired and arrested innocent civilians for a short time had stopped, but after completion the arrest and shoot towards innocent civilians is restarted.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association