Suicide of a young woman in Piranshahr


Wednesday, January 5, 2022, A young woman with the identity of “Elham Atash barg” resident of Piranshahr (Piranshar), daughter of Ismail, ended her life by hanging herself.

According to an informed source for the Kurdistan Human Rights association: Elham Atashbarg was married and had a child who lost her wife, Bayazid Bapiri, to coronary heart disease last year.

Bayazid’s father was also killed in a clash with Kurdish parties in 2008.

This young woman was still living with her child at house of mother in low after her husband died. It is worth mentioning that the reasons for the suicide of this young woman are unknown.

Poverty, unemployment, forced marriage, lack of a law to protect women, and… are some of the reasons for the disintegration of the family unit and the tendency of women in Iran and Kurdistan to commit suicide.


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