One person was sentenced to death in Krmashan

On Saturday, April 17, 2021, “Mashallah Sabzi”, The son of Mohammad Ali, Resident of Krmashan, was sentenced to death by swearing-in ceremony in the Dieselabad prison of the Iranian government in Krmanshan.

According to the report, the plaintiffs’ lawyer was a retired judicial judge, and despite the lack of sufficient evidence to document the death sentence, according to his experience, Mashallah Sabzi’s case was sworn in and 50 people were gathered in court to obtain a verdict. Execution through an oath by the judge has led to the case.

Mashallah Sabzi was tortured and interrogated by Iranian government forces in Kermanshah and neighboring cities for 45 days to confess to the murder But he never confessed to the murder despite the great physical and psychological pressure.
Mashallah Sabzi has been in Diessel-abad prison in Kermanshah for 11 years under the pressure of the death sentence and has suffered from psychological problems.

The details of his conversation with his family were as follows:
“I, (Mashaallah Sabzi) am a prisoner sentenced to death. I was accused of murder in 2010, and for 45 days I was tortured by the court in Krmanshan province to confess the murder, but There was no confession from me in the case, they was sent me to Dieselabad prison in Krmanshan.

From the beginning of the case, through the lawyer of the suspects, who is a retired judicial judge, they implemented a scenario by falsely documenting and advising two people and tempting them to see me at the murder scene. One month later, one of them submitted a written note alleging that he had been sworn in by the plaintiffs and their lawyer. The next person was found to have been sentenced to 6 months in prison for swearing a lie and his job is to swear a lie and he is in the case file.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association