We strongly condemn the imprisonment of Kurdish teacher Zara Mohammadi

Kurdistan Human Rights Association strongly condemns the sentence of 5 years in prison for Kurdish language teacher “Zara Mohammadi” and believes that the Iranian government, by imprisoning this Kurdish teacher, announced to the people of Kurdistan that it no way willing to accept the minimum natural and human rights of this society.

Zara Mohammadi, a prominent Kurdistan activist who was active in the Nozhin Association and teaching Kurdish to children, was detained by Iranian security forces and spent about 8 months in prison.

He was then sentenced to 5 years in prison and presented to prison to serve his sentence. Meanwhile, the Iranian government’s security agencies have sentenced him to prison based on a pre-determined scenario and without any evidence.

The lawyers of this Kurdish civil activist gave an explanation in an Instagram session in the presence of Zara Mohammadi and announced that there was no evidence in his case that he was accused.

While strongly condemning Zara Mohammadi’s cruel imprisonment, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association urges the people of Kurdistan, political organizations and civil society organizations in Kurdistan not to remain silent in the face of this cruel and inhumane act and to protest against the inhumane policies of the Iranian government.

At the same time, we call on the international community, by emphasizing the universal principles and standards of human rights, political and social rights, to force the Iranian government to fulfill the international obligations in this regard.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association