2 years in prison and a fine of 1 million and 300 thousand toman for the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , 5 May 2017, city prosecutor Miandoab , 2 years  prison sentence and a fine of one million and 300 thousand toman for the kurdish citizens of this city appointed.

Andishmand (Ahmad) Yazdanifar 41 years old from the vilage of “Gamysh goali ” of city functions Miandoab in East Kurdistan, which previously dated 20 February 2017, and while returning from southern Kurdistan security forces Marivan, was arrested by the court in Marivan by was released on bail of 150 million toman to time trial temporarily.

On 5 May this year, the first trial named Revolutionary Sect and held them for cooperating with one of the parties Kurdish opposition Islamic Republic of Iran through the underground organization armed to 2 years in prison and charged with illegal exit from Borders was fined 1 million and 300 thousand toman.

Ahmad Yazdanifar is married and fear the rising of the court order, did not protest and pending arrested and sent to prison.

It should be noted that in the past six people from the village on charges of killing a member of the armed Iranian Revolutionary Guards to long-term prison and one of them was sentenced to death.

Thinkable that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s rights and political freedoms, cultural and social deprivation in East Kurdistan and those who fight for these rights imprisonment, death threats and faced deportation.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association