The killing of Baloch citizens continues, 4 more were killed

According to information received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association, 4 Baluch citizens have been separately shot and killed in the past few days.
The campaign of Baluch activists has reported that on the evening of April 9, 2021, Armed individuals in the city of Fasa, province of Fars killed a Baluch citizen.
The identity of the deceased “Nasser Javaherjoo”, the son of Abdullah from Bazarsohrab village in the Zarabad section of Konarak city Has been specified.

Also on this day, armed individuals killed another Baluch citizen named “Naeem Dahani”, The son of AbdulRahman from Mehrestan.

Also on April 8, Armed individuals killed a Baloch citizen named “Hossein Jamalzehi” from the city of Khash by direct shot.

On April 10, the body of a Baloch citizen was found by a shepherd with bullet wounds on his body. Iranian media have reported that the body of this citizen was transferred to forensic medicine by the police officers of Shirgavaz Chabahar police station for identification.
Baloch civil activists cite the lack of will of the security forces in providing security, the lack of follow-up and trial of security disruptors, the distribution of weapons by the Revolutionary Guards among the Baloch tribes and the creation of differences between them as reasons for increasing insecurity.
It should be noted that 11 Baloch citizens have been killed by armed individuals in the past month.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association