Lack of drinking water for residents of Sanandaj and surrounding villages in East Kurdistan

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , part of the citizens of the city of Sanandaj and the surrounding villages are faced with the problem of lack of drinking water and pending running empty promises live Islamic Republic of Iran officials.

Villages of Salavat Abad , Dowlat Abad (Kur Kureh) and Barazan one of the places most environmental problems, including lack of drinking water and garbage collection are in place.

Dawlatabadi village , about 10 kilometers from the city of Sanandaj is located and the water in this area abound in the village because the design collection has been made and in nature (streams and rivers) and private residences drop there is a beautiful and healthy tissues are challenged and all kinds of diseases, threatening the lives of the citizens.

Lack of clean water for drinking and lack of facilities and water treatment plants in the villages of Salavat Abad and Dowlat Abad is very evident and due to keeping track of frequent these citizens still empty promises, including funding of several hundred million of the officials of the province of Kurdistan to meet the problems faced and continue to plague the citizens of this region after 8 electoral period.

Residents of the villages of on 27 January 2016 , as compared to the destruction of the environment and agricultural land around the village by profit-seekers economy with the construction industry (slaughter livestock and poultry) and commercial cause health problems and environmental problems are the authorities and the relevant authorities are alerted and demanded an investigation into the cases of violation of citizens’ rights were, however, even though at the time they were promised that soon will follow, but so far no concrete results achieved have not.

In this regard, many citizens believe that with the approaching presidential elections and municipal councils, all officials, representatives and officials appointed to the Islamic Republic of Iran are trying to promises hollow vote of the people and their presence in they clinched the election.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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