Transferring 4 inmates into solitary confinement for execution in Orumieh Prison

In a report to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, today, Friday 14 July 2017, 4 detainees arrested for drug use were transferred from solitary confinement to clause No.15 Orumieh Central prison in eastern Kurdistan to execute the death sentence.

The identity of three of these prisoners who have been in Section 15 for two to three years is as follows: “Mashallah Sidadnoween” “Mohammad Reza Sadeghi” and “Tohid Amini”

In the same way and in the Prison Parsilon of Khorramabad, three detainees were transferred to solitary confinement cells for execution on Tuesday.

It should be noted that the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran has been studying the reform of the law on combating drug abuse and reducing the penalties in this regard, in order to organize the situation of prisoners of drug abuse and reducing executions. However, despite the announcement of this plan, The judiciary and the request for the suspension of the death sentences up to the end of these investigations, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s judiciary continues to execute citizens, regardless of these requests, while at least 5000 detainees are sentenced to death in connection with narcotics charges in prisons in Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association