Over several decades from the end of the Iran-Iraq war, chemical injuries in East Kurdistan still remain an unpleasant situation

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, according to 30 years of chemical bombardments city of Sardasht East Kurdistan during the Iran and Iraq war by the Baath government of Iraq took place, there are still large numbers of people in the city to face death soft, and most of them are in critical condition with physical and psychological problems.

“Mohammad Ahmad Zadeh”from the village “Rasharami” functions of Sardasht which has 6 children, after a lapse of 30 years since the tragic incident that in addition to exposure, he injured by shell casing so the shrapnel still in his body remains and no government agency ever since he did not support.

It should be noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran every few years time, the Commission held a few thousand people a day to check for problems in this short period of time and most of these injuries did not occur relatively specialized chemical death remain silent. In Sardasht chemical warfare victims, there is not a clinic specializing in the treatment and despite the staggering costs of treatment are forced more people to hospitals in large cities outside the Kurdistan East are to go.

Chemical weapon victims aside from the effects of physical and mental health is involved, the power to work like a healthy person and completely not make any sense under pressure and addition, lack of bodies in charge of the Islamic Republic of Iran to identify all victims of chemical and address the problems they have been contributes to the problem.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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