Dismissing the first person from city councils as chairman of councils Dismissing the first person from city councils as chairman of councils

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Vali Allah Rostami, elected by the Khorramabad Council of Khorramabad City Council, will be appointed only by the Ministry of Intelligence after the termination of its chairmanship by the Ministry of Intelligence and the sixth Council elected by the Council of the Council, Derikvand, under the chairmanship of the Council was selected. to be a mayor of the Basiji who was opposed Rostami with his installation.Was appointed as mayor of Khorramabad. Vali Allah Rostami is an expelled teacher of the sixties and has worked as a vendor for many years, and is a master’s degree in English.

Also reported from Abdanan, the first member of the Jalal Bigi City Council which should have been the head of the council, should be dismissed and someone named Seyyed Hormat Allah Mousavi was appointed to the chair of the council of information agents.

Also, in Dehloran, Ali Asghar Ismaili, who is theater actor, but is dwarf because of the dwarf being headed by the council, and Rahman Jaberi as the vice chairman of the council and Ebrahim Hosseini, who is the source of information, has been appointed chairman of the council.

These samples are disrespectful to the people’s votes and try to appoint the agents affiliated with the government and intelligence and Basij as the authorities in the eastern part of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association