Turkish Refugee High Commissioner: 36,000 Asylum Seekers Waiting and Unclear

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, quoted by the High Commissioner for Refugees, the largest human rights organization affiliated with the United Nations:

36,000 cases of Iranian refugees, Afghans, Syria, Somalia and other countries have been stopped and are due to a long wait in a miserable situation. According to the report, most of these are Iranian refugees and according to information from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, many of these refugees were citizens of eastern Kurdistan who were prosecuted, tortured and subjected to torture by the Islamic Republic of Iran and have been refugees to Turkey.

It should be noted that the investigation of the asylum seekers’ case in the first 9 months, the introduction of the UN and the preparation for pre-interviewing, and in the worst case, provided UN asylum seekers under its umbrella, but now this process lasts more than 2 years and Turkey has also provided conditions for asylum-seekers, such as not being members of leftist organizations and parties, and have not been convicted in Turkey for two or three years in prison, otherwise they will be deported to their country, and several times the Turkish government East Kurdistan asylum seekers and other Iranian citizens submit to the Islamic Republic of Iran and later To long prison terms and in some cases sentenced to execution.

In another part of the report, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) noted that few refugees had succeeded in receiving financial support from the UN, which amounts to 1,000 Turkish liras per year, and with the fall of the Turkish regime, this amount of money is being provided by the asylum seekers. And refugees are forced to work with all the family members.

Although few find a chance to get to work, however, the maximum working hours and minimum wage are the status of asylum seekers in Turkey.In the statements of a Kurdish asylum seeker, Kurdistan Human Rights has said that I have a family and my children are students,Because I am Kurdish I’ve been fired 3 times.Following on from the Syrian refugee wave to Turkey, the transfer of refugees to a third country has been stopped and the asylum seekers have been in an uncertain and uncertain future and have experienced psychological and psychological problems, and in some cases disrupted families Suicides and suicides have increased, and some have also deported themselves to Iran.

Given this situation, the problems of asylum seekers have continued to be out of the reach of the media and in the state of ignorance of the news agencies, and this situation has had a negative impact on the asylum seekers’ case.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association