Teachers protest in the city of Bukan in East Kurdistan, deputy head of the Iranian parliament

In a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , a group of teachers, city of Bukan in the presence of Masoud Pezeshkian representative of the current Iranian parliament in the field (Tabriz, Azarshahr and Osku) and to determine the fate of the employment issues raised and demanded an investigation into his situation was.

Masoud Pezeshkian the first deputy speaker of Parliament in tenth period was to campaign in favor of the reformers had come to Bukan.

It should be noted that most teachers in East Kurdistan tuition contract or working are often in remote villages with the lowest salaries and facilities are taught. While the Islamic Republic of Iran any act of cultural affairs, education, if not this part of Kurdistan and now approaching the presidential election and is trying to use the promise of Kurdish people will always bring to the polls.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association