Again arson in nature East Kurdistan

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association , on 28 May 2017, hidden elements with solar once again created for the environment and nature East Kurdistan accident, and attempted to set fire to and damaging bringing to the areas close to the village, “Razab “the mountains were Kusalan functions were Marivan.

According to an informed source in the region, organizations of the Iranian government did nothing to contain the fire, but people in the village and in cooperation with environmental activists were able to turn off the fire.

It should be noted that, each year the heating season approaching, the forest areas from East Kurdistan will be burned by unknown persons.

It is noteworthy that for the third time in the last few days that these fires have been conducted, and that is why people have voiced residents.

According to environmental activists forest green areas and a variety of animals that live in these forests, This can cause major fires destroy and supplant the pastures and living things in the forest.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association