Young Kamyaran committed suicide due to unemployment and poverty

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Thursday 25 May 2017, Kamyaran citizen in Kurdistan East in the name of “Arash Veisi” son of Reza Veisi had attempted suicide and was led to his death.

According to the report, she is 26 years old, is married and has one child due to poverty, unemployment and desperation suicide with pills and is in transit to the hospital died.

Poverty and unemployment in East Kurdistan, Kurdish citizens in all areas threatens and these factors caused the rise in suicides and dozens of social behavior has brought to the people of Kurdistan East.

The underlying rules of international humanitarian and statement law, the preferred career choices a person can make a living over time through it

Of the basic rights of every human being that governments must provide the necessary preparations to do for its citizens.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association