Construction of a wall along the border of North and East Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association has published the newspaper Hurriyet, Turkey: Ankara government is planning to build a wall along the border of North and East Kurdistan. This attempt to pressure the Turkish government against the Kurdish people in the North and East Kurdistan freedom movement is.

Turkish officials said the concrete wall with a length of 70 km along the eastern border of the province Agri to Iğdır has drawn in northern Kurdistan. The rest of the eastern border of northern Kurdistan with iron fences, lights and watchtowers closed.

The Turkish government some time ago build a wall 900 kilometers on the border of northern Kurdistan Rojava Kurdistan has begun and the first phase with a height of 3 m length of 556 kilometers and in addition with barbed wire surrounded by towers monitor is controlled, completed last month reached.

It should be noted that authorities Islamic Republic of Iran expressed his delight with the decision of the Turkish government and the Turkish government have said that they have already been going on.

According to the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights article four, whenever a public hazard exceptional (great) the existence of the nation threatens the danger officially become States Parties to the present Covenant may take measures beyond the obligations under the present Covenant to the extent that the situation would require adopt the measures, provided that the other requirements are the responsibility under international law, are not inconsistent, leading to discrimination solely on the basis of race, color, sex, language, religion or not social origin.

Furthermore, based on Article 27 of the countries where racial, religious or linguistic exist, persons belonging to such minorities shall not be deprived of that community with the other members of their group’s own culture to enjoy and to own religion and according to the act or speak in their own language.

Accordingly Kurdistan Human Rights Association condemned the policies of the governments of Iran and Turkey on the Kurdish nation acts to chose the same deprive the Kurdish nation of its inalienable rights as is and should consider the inherent rights of a nation with walls can trample and given the humanitarian and peace and prosperity for all people in the world as long as there is fair distribution of wealth, social problems will not be solved in it. Therefore, all democrats and civil society activists and human rights organizations want to impose arbitrary and away the human rights of the Turkish government and the Islamic Republic of Iran protest.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association