One of the faults speak ethnic languages will be a slap in the face.

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei warns about the possibility of creating “insecurity and strife” in the upcoming elections, men candidates are careful faults religious, geographical, linguistic and ethnic in the country do not provoke. For years the enemy had planned to activate these faults.

It also said in another part of the track unfinished are not the enemy and national security, and tranquility of country is important and To deal with the problem of insecurity and intrigue ready, we will certainly be able to neutralize it. If someone wants to act against security of the country, certainly will be a slap in the face.

He stressed that the long-term goal is the enemy of the Islamic system and already explicitly spoke of the Islamic Republic, but now seeks to change the behavior of the system. I note the time, officials said, changing the behavior of a system change makes no difference.

It is worth mentioning that part of the Iranian presidential candidates in their speeches to bring citizens to cast a ballot in East Kurdistan spoke of “ethnic rights” of Iran’s national rights of oppressed nations have in geopolitics. For example, Hassan Rouhani in his speech in Sanandaj divided on the need for jobs and responsibilities, regardless of ethnicity or religion based on meritocracy stressed.

It should be noted that Hassan Rouhani in the period before the citizens of Republic of Iran the right to education in native language is given, but did not act , also a record of executions and torture and arrests and repression of freedom of expression, particularly in East Kurdistan citizens in government, he did not show.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association