The direct firing of the Iranian border forces resulted in the wounding of two Kolbers


On Monday, September 12, 2022, the border forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Hengejaleh region of Baneh District wounded two kolbars named “Taleb Ghafari” son of Abu Bakr from Najneh village of Baneh District and “Khaleq Hamzehpour” son of Aziz from Manijlan village.

According to the report, the border armed forces of Iran without prior warning and with Kalashnikov weapons fired at these kolbers and both of them were wounded in the leg area.

It should be noted that Khaleq Hamzehpour is married and the father of one child, and Taleb Ghaffari has two children.

It is worth noting that two injured Kolbers were taken to Salahuddin Ayubi Baneh Hospital for treatment.

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