Two Kurdish prisoners were executed in Arak prison


On Wednesday, August 31, 2022, two prisoners named “Mortaza Teimouri”, 28 years old, from Garmi village in Lorestan, and “Mohammad Hassan Kahrari”, 27 years old, from Kermashan, were executed in Arak prison.

According to the report, that two prisoner was sentenced to death by the judicial apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran on charges related to narcotic drugs, and the sentence was executed.

It should be mentioned that Mohammad Hassan Kehrari was arrested and sentenced to death about two years ago in connection with drug crimes.

The execution of this Kurdish dual citizen took place without notifying his family and without conducting a last meeting in secret.

It is worth mentioning that, until the moment of preparation and publication, the news of the execution of this dual citizen has not been announced by the official institutions and domestic media of Iran.