Suicide of a trans citizen in Marivan

On Monday, February 7, 2022, “Rebvar Ebrahimi” 20 years old and resident of Marivan ended his life by committing suicide.
According to the information received, Rebvar Ebrahimi committed suicide by taking pills.
It should be noted that the body was taken to a hospital and forensic medicine for medical research.
Evidence and reports indicate that Rebvar Ebrahimi intended to undergo gender reassignment surgery, but his family, who are a religious family, objected to the surgery.
According to Kurdpa, Rebvar Ebrahimi was under pressure from those around him and didn’t want to reveal his sexual identity until the end of the surgery.
It should be noted that gender minorities (LGBT) such as homosexuals and bisexuals, transgender people, who are not considered as recognized gender identities (men and women), are under severe social and governmental pressures in Iran and are deprived of the right to a free and equal life. Other formal gender groups are excluded.