Khorramabad educators threatened at the same time as Shaban Mohammadi was transferred to the intelligence detention center

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Shaban Mohammadi, one of the detained teachers in Marivan, was transferred IRGC detention center in Sanandaj (Sna).
Shaban Mohammadi is a cultural activist and teacher in the Marivan who was arrested for participating in a teacher’s protest rally in Marivan.
It should be noted that other teachers of Marivan protested against the arrest of this member of the directors board of the Marivan Teachers’ Union during a recent week, in addition to attending a nationwide gathering of teachers in front of the Education Department in three separate protest rallies in front of the Governor’s Office and Iran’s Intelligence Office. .
At the same time with the transfer of this detained teacher to the Intelligence Office, the Iranian Education Department in the city of KhorramAbad (Khorm’ava) has threatened the protesting teachers and educators of this city.
The Department of Education has issued a circular to schools threatening the city’s educators not to participate in union protests.
According to published reports, in this circular, school principals have been instructed to send the details of these people to the administrative and security department of education in the event of the absence of educators or the strike and non-participation of teachers in education.


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