Beat people villages of Aghdareh by security forces

According to reports Kurdistan Human Rights Association , the evening of Thursday 15 June 2017,security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran crackdown on protesters villages Aghdareh in the city Tekab Province Urmia East Kurdistan, a number of civilians, including women and injured and a number also arrested.

According to a report from news agency Mokerian also, some of the villages Aghdareh Upper (Olya), Aghdareh lower (Sofla) and Aghdareh the middle (Vasat) of the adjacent gold mine Aghdareh Tekab live for twenty days in protest against unemployment and lack of development in the mine had sit-ins and peaceful gathering.

A resident of Aghdareh said: “The mine is located in the pastures of our villages. More workers in the mine are non-native. Only a few residents of the our villages work in the mine is also seasonal contracts “.

The citizen then noted: “We protest against high unemployment, the loss of our pastures and seasonal contracts, went on strike. Our protest is peaceful and legitimate our demands. In recent days, several of us had been summoned to the Intelligence Corps and threatened that if they continue to sit with acting against national security will face “.

Security forces Islamic Republic of Iran to end the sit-in was peaceful workers and people resorting to force.

After this incident, many residents of these villages have been arrested by government forces. Some of the those arrested were released after questioning and commitment.

Last year, 17 kurdish workers mine gold Aghdareh the villages Aghdareh were during the court case separately against them was, by Branch 101 of the Criminal Court in Republic of Iran in Tekab branch 10 appeals were tried Orumiyeh East Kurdistan.

Accused in this case to bear the punishment of mandatory imprisonment, a fine and lashes were sentenced to finally announced the withdrawal of complaint and take the opportunity to pardon the judicial punishment of imprisonment for all workers to be canceled and punishments of fines and endured blows whip on any of the defendants carried out.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association



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