An arrest warrant 12 members of Erdogan’s bodyguards in America

According to reports on the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , two of the assailants when Trump at the White House meeting, Erdogan and Kurdish protesters attack in America were arrested.

According to news agency ” Roj News”  police America yesterday, Thursday 15 June 2017,  announced that two of the Turks in this country who had attacked Kurds arrested and also issued arrest warrants for 12 members of Erdogan’s bodyguards.

A month before Erdogan’s meeting with Trump, the number of Kurds living in America protest in front of the White House had set up that attack supporters and bodyguards Erdogan faced and as a result 11 people were injured Kurds dissatisfied.

At the same time the Turkish Foreign Ministry to investigate this case and dissatisfaction with this action to America, “John Bass” ambassador in Ankara was summoned.

In the case of America, the acting President of the Republic of Turkey strongly condemned Erdogan’s bodyguards and asked Turkey to explain in this case.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association