Cutting down trees of natural forests “Kanidinar” and the construction of artificial park

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , has long municipal town “Kanidinar” functions the city of Marivan in Kurdistan East, to cut forest trees “Hill Benavan” and seeks to build a new park is one kilometer away from the town.

Then came the news that the hill estimate (55 hectares) is that of municipalities with loaders and bulldozers began digging and felling of oak trees and dig up the roots of these trees are hundreds of years old and instead grow ornamental flowers and displays.

Needless to say that these events occurred repeatedly in the Marivan region and the province of Kurdistan and recreation and entertainment venues pristine destroy in the name of modernization.

Last year, in the wake of his destruction of the mountain Emam in the town of Marivan, the same scenario was repeated a large area of natural beauty and untouched into the road, decorative wooden ( hut ) and benches by the roadside.

The municipalities in the ecosystem of the area to protest environmental activists faced and nature lovers with a document certifying Peer reviewed dangers of this to the authorities and the public have made, but each time the institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran Project their destruction and atrocities continue further.

It is much speculation that the mountains Zagros and on a larger scale in the province of Kurdistan, wilding trees and natural, such as “oak” grow like palm dedicated to Arabic countries. In Kurdistan, the trees are known and interestingly oak trees in days very drought resistant and freshness and greenery give special nature of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association