A prisoner was executed in Kermanshah

Thursday, September 29, 2021, “Masha’allah Sabzi” was executed in Dieselabad prison, despite the lack of sufficient reasons, and only by carrying out an oath of office on the charge of murder.
Mr. Sabzi was arrested in 2019 on charges of murder and interrogated in police detention centers for 45 days. At all stages of the interrogation, he denied the charges.
According to the information received, he had been beaten and tortured several times during his detention for forced confession. Due to the lack of sufficient evidence, the judge ruled that the case was filthy and resumed the court hearing to hold the oath. This citizen was sentenced to retaliation after the oath-taking ceremony and the swearing in of 50 people by the accused.
According to the HARANA website, Mr. Sabzi had previously said about his case in an audio file that had been published in cyberspace: They advised two people and lured them that they had seen me at the murder scene. One month later, one of them submitted a written statement alleging that he had been sworn in by the plaintiffs and their lawyer. “The next person was found to have been sentenced to 6 months in prison for swearing a lie, and his job is to swear a lie, and he is on file.”
It should be noted that dozens of citizens are sentenced to death every year, while in most countries of the world the death penalty has been abolished and replaced by another punishment.