Interrogation of three civilians by the Iranian police secret service


Sunday, March 13, 2022, three citizens with the letters “Arsalan Nikkhah” 27 years old son of Aref and “Ata Fattahi” 24 years old son of Mohammad and “Arash Nozari” 26 years old son of Fayeq, from “Sardush” village of Marivan city, in recent days They were summoned and interrogated by the Iranian police for information protection in Marivan.
It should be noted that the Iranian security and intelligence agencies have tried to prevent the public celebrations of Nowruz from taking place, by taking a written commitment from these three citizens, to dissuade them from planning and participating in these celebrations.

Finally, the three citizens were released from the detention centers of the security forces after several hours of interrogation in exchange for a written commitment.
It is worth mentioning that these three citizens have already been detained.