After three years of Eqbal Moradi’s assassination / the killers haven’t been arrested and tried yet


Eqbal Moradi, Member of Kurdistan Human Rights Association’s leadership, was assassinated on Tuesday, July 26, 3 years ago, and his body was identified around the Panjvin River of the South Kurdistan Autonomous Region.

According to the medical information of Kurdistan Region, he was assassinated by firing three bullets and his body was left at the scene.

Eqbal Moradi, the father of a political prisoner sentenced to death Zanyar Moradi and the uncle of Loghman Moradi, another political prisoner sentenced to death, took part in the struggles of Kurdistan’s political parties from a young age and dedicated his life to fighting for the Kurdish people. It should be noted that Eqbal Moradi was also the target of a terrorist attack near Panjvin in 2008 and was saved from death after being injured and transported to the hospital in time.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association, considering the repeated threats of the I.R.Iran against Eqbal Moradi and other members of this human rights organization, as well as the record of the Islamic Republic in relation to terrorist acts both in the Kurdistan region and worldwide, the possibility of assassination Eqbal Moradi considers the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association, citing Article 51 of the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Convention and Article 13 of the Second Additional Protocol to Assassination, and in accordance with the International Principle (Bassiouni, 1974: 204) on the sovereignty of the state over crime and the Additional Protocol on terrorism (UN.DOC: 16) Calls on the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Federal Government of Iraq and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (YNK) to immediately identify the perpetrators of this crime and bring them to justice in a fair trial.

Three years after the assassination, the authorities in the South Kurdistan Autonomous Region haven’t identified the perpetrators of the assassination yet and haven’t taken any action to prosecute them.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association, while strongly condemning the assassination of this member of our leadership, calls on the government of South Kurdistan to inform the public about the results of its investigations and to punish the perpetrators of this assassination.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association